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Lobos de Arga (2011)

A clever mix of horror and comedy in this highly enjoyable Spanish werewolf film.

Lobos de Arga (2011) harks back to the classic American Werewolf in London with a great horror/comedy mix and some refreshingly CGI free transformation scenes.

Requiem (2006) - 10.11.14

Requiem (2006) is based on a real incident (that also inspired The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)) but instead of making a sensationalist horror, this is a drama with detailed 1970s feel, showing how illness and changes in the victim's life could have been responsible for her condition.
L'ossessa (1974) aka. The Sexorcist - 8.11.14

Another Italian exorcism cash-in that despite its sleazy English title is actually a straight and rather middling horror. L'ossessa (1974) is quite well made, the storyline has some good ideas and acting is strong but the direction is a little workmanlike and the film lacks any particular hook to recommend it.
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Riccardo Freda was born in 1909 in Alexandria in Egypt to Italian parents. He was always a fan of cinema and in 1932 he moved to Rome to work at the film studios.

He initially found work as a sculptor, later moving into set design, screenwriting and editing, working in various roles on a variety of films, including Piccoli naufraghi (1939) where he was credited as assistant director.

In 1942 he set up his own production company Elica and directed his first film, the period French drama Don Cesare di Bazan (1942). It would be his only production for several years as the Second World War turned against Italy and the country surrendered in 1943.

In September of that year, Freda along with his friend the publisher and critic Leo Longanesi crossed south through the Abruzzi mountains disguised as American soldiers to reach the safety of the Allied lines.

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