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Dragon Dynasty (2006)

This week we take a visit to the modern world of sword and sorcery films, the daftest but always most enjoyable fantasy genre.

Dragon Dynasty (2006) is a surprisingly enjoyable sword and monster film make for the SyFy channel with more full body burn effects than any other film and a well paced storyline.

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Dark Relic (2010) - 28.01.15

Dark Relic (2010) stars James Frain in a very good looking SyFy fantasy with an interesting premise - crusader knights battling demonic forces - but an intermittent script and sub-par special effects.
El Capitán Trueno y el Santo Grial (2011) - 26.01.15

El Capitán Trueno y el Santo Grial (2011) aka Order of the Grail is a modern Spanish comic book film with the ever enjoyable mix of humour, action and silliness. An unexplored film that is well worth watching for fans of Conan, In the Name of the King and the like.
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Born in Tasmania 1922 and active in Australian theatre, Don Sharp moved to England after the Second World War. Alongside some screen and stageplay writing, he had a few minor acting roles.

He got his first chance to direct with the self-penned children's adventure film The Stolen Airliner (1955) and went on to shoot another family film, The Adventures of Hal V (1958) and the trend setting rock and roll musical The Golden Disc (1958). Moving into television work at the turn of the decade, he shot episodes of Herbert Lom's psychiatary drama The Human Jungle and the popular crime series Ghost Squad.

His biggest break came in 1963 when he was approached by producer Tony Hinds who worked for the British Hammer Films company. After their big gothic horror sucesses in the late 1950s and early '60s, the studio had fallen on hard times after the poor performances of their big budgeted and elaborate Curse of the Werewolf (1961) and Phantom of the Opera (1962).

After taking several months off filming, Hammer had regained their footing with a few low budget thrillers, and now wanted to reassert themselves as masters of the gothic horror with Kiss of the Vampire (1963).

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