The Hombre Lobo Series (1968 - 1996)

Paul Naschy is the cursed Waldemar Daninsky in this long running, self-penned Spanish horror series.


The 1970s were great times for European cinema, it was the heyday of the Spaghetti Western, the Giallo murder mystery. Euro-cult-horror was in full swing. Looking to keep pace with the German and Italian film industries, the Spanish turned to horror films. The Spanish horror film genre did not have a strong past, Jess Franco's The Awful Dr. Orloff (1962) and Naschy's first werewolf film Mark of the Wolfman (1968) were the only true Spanish horror films of the 1960s, and neither had much international sucess or recognition. Only after Werewolf Shadow did the genre kick off and produce a wide range of horror titles. The Hombre-lobo series is the longest running and most sucessful of these, propelling star Paul Naschy into cult infamy.

The Films - links to reviews where available

Mark of the Wolfman (1968)
Shriek Show Region 0 DVD
A dark and horror filled beginning to the Wolfman cycle, and Paul Naschy's debut lead role.
Recommended to all Naschy and Euro-cult fans.
Werewolf Shadow (1971)
UK Anchor Bay Region 0 DVD
Naschy has the lead role in this Wolfman picture. Although the script is poor, the film looks good and is fun to watch.
Recommended place to start for Naschy newcomers.
Doctor Jekyll versus the Werewolf (1972)
UK Mondo Macabro Region 0 DVD
A sucessfully unique twist on the Wolfman mythos courtesy of a strong script and decent production.
Recommended to all Naschy and Euro-cult fans.
Curse of the Devil (1973)
US Anchor Bay Region 0 DVD
A dark and strongly horror tinged Wolfman film set in the 1800s with a good Naschy lead performance.
Recommended to all Naschy and Euro-cult fans.
Wolfman versus the Yeti (1975)
No existing DVD
Return of the Wolfman (1980)
USA DVD Release pending
The Werewolf and the Magic Sword (1980)
No existing DVD
Lycantropus: The Moonlight Murders (1996)
No existing DVD

Note: There have been other, unofficial entries to the series, including Tomb of the Werewolf (2004), but only the Paul Naschy penned films are listed here.


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