The Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit (1983 - 1989)

3 film, 3 disc collection of lesser known but enjoyable slasher movies from the 1980s. Anchor Bay US R0 boxset.

The Films

In Brief:

Anyone famous in it? A few familiar faces, but no-one particularly well known.
Who is it for?
Slasher fans should really enjoy this.

The DVDs

Visuals All films are in Original Aspect Ratios and Anamorphically Enhanced. 
The picture qualities are good throughout.
Audio All films are presented with their original English mono tracks which sound fine.
Subtitles None.
ExtrasAll the discs include trailers and audio commentaries, parts 2 and 3 also include extensive picture galleries and behind the scenes footage.
Each case includes a postcard with chapter listings and a poster image from the film. The boxset also includes a booklet about the films and the work on the sequel that was never completed.
Packing Contained in three amaray cases in a cardboard slipcase.
AvailabilityAll three are available as identical single disc releases.
Region Region 1 (US, North America) - NTSC
Other regions? All three discs are available from Anchor Bay UK, but with lower print quality.
Cuts? All three films have slight cuts, see the individual reviews for more details - on parts 1 and 2, this is not noticable, but part 3 does have a couple of visible jumps. The prints are English.


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All text in this review written by Timothy Young - August 2007. Released as part of Horror September 2.
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