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Winnetou - 3. Teil (1963) (a.k.a The Desperado Trail)

 Lex Barker stars in this exciting Karl May Western from director Harald Reinl. UFA German R0 boxset disc, no English options.

The Film in brief:

Storyline Summary:Bandits, lead by Rollin (Rik Battaglia) wipe out the buffalo belonging to an Apache tribe. Old Shatterhand and Winnetou investigate and discover that the bandits are being commanded by a business man in Santa Fe who want's the Native American's land. Conflict between Rollin's gang and Shatterhand's men ensues, and he is helped by old friend Sam Hawkens.
Anyone famous in it? Lex Barker - an American actor who made his name in Europe in adventure and horror pictures.
Rik Battaglia - an occasional Spaghetti Western star (including Duck you Sucker! (1972))
Directed by anyone interesting? Harald Reinl - An Austrian director who shot a variety of films based on classic literature including most of the Karl May Westerns..


Visuals Original Aspect Ratio  - 2.35:1 anamorphic wide-screen. Colour.
The image is very good - with some noticable grain, but great colours and detail. 
Audio German 5.1 and mono. Strong audio. The remix is quite good with use made of the surround channels.
Subtitles German HOH
Extras The disc includes:
  • Bonus Trailer reel (same as other discs)
  • Original trailers for all three Winnetou films (2 in German for each, plus an English language trailer for part II)
  • 2 Interviews/documentary about the three films (22 and 15 minutes) including interviews with Harald Reinl. In German only.
  • 4 contemporary newsreels/television reports about the films, including some interesting behind-the-scenes footage. With German audio only, but plenty to look at. (total 5 minutes).
  • Interactive film quiz (?) in German only.
  • Photo galleries for all three films - manual scrolling.
  • EASTER EGG: Shots of the film restoration process and what appears to be footage from the original camera negative from the filming of Winnetou II.
Packing Only available in the Karl May Collection 3 boxset.
Region Region 0 (worldwide) - PAL
Other regions? Other German releases from Kinowelt - no English options.
Cuts? The film is believed to be fully uncut. Titles and credits are in German.



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All text in this review written by Timothy Young - 19th November 2006.
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