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Край (2010)

aka The Edge

A stunningly dark, etheral
and beautiful Russian film.

The Edge (2010) is one of those beautiful art-house films where nothing seems to happen in a beautiful dream-world, yet despite running to two hours the film never drags. Highly recommended to fans of etheral cinema.

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Incubo sulla cittą contaminata (1980)
- 10.09.15

Nightmare City (1980) is an wonderfully nutty Italian zombie film that was the first to see the creatures run, fight and even use weapons to kill. Packed with bloody gore and gratuitous nudity, this is a must-see for Italian horror fans.
White Tiger (2012) - 05.08.15

White Tiger (2012) tells of a Russian tank driver hunting down the tank that destroyed his, but it is more Tarkovsky than Fury, with a surreal atmosphere, languriously paced sequences and enimgatic ending. Despite boasting a dramatic tank combat scene, it is more of interest to fans of art-house films.
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Born in Rome in 1944, Lamberto Bava was destined to work in the cinema. His grandfather was Eugenio Bava, a special effects artist and director who had worked in Italian cinema since its birth.

His father was Mario Bava - at the time a struggling production designer finding work hard to come by in wartime Italy, but soon to become one of the most reliable cameraman in the business. After working with Riccardo Freda to create the first real Italian horror film I Vampiri (1956)

Mario Bava got the push into directing and made his debut with La Maschera del Demonio (1960). Lamberto started to visit his father on the set and help out with the production. He would receive his first on-screen credit on Terrore Nello Spazio (1965) as assistant to the director and subsequently worked as assistant director on almost all of his father's productions.

In the early 1970s he gained his first work on other director's productions, working as assistant director on Mario Lanfranchi's drama Il bacio (1974), co-writing Una ondata di piacere (1975) for Ruggero Deodato. Concerned that his father's style was rather outdated, Bava co-wrote the script for Shock (1977) along with Dardano Sacchetti and ended up directing large sections of the film after Mario feigned illness.

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