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Name Films linked
Amicus FilmsHammer's British rivals, best known for their anthology horror films.14
Frankenstein FilmsFrom the pen of Mary Shelley, to some completely off the wall adaptations.16
Hammer FilmsThe classic British horror studio, also behind some great adventure and sci-fi.49
Karl May WesternsThe often overlooked, but very enjoyable 1960s German adventure series.6
The PeplumFrom Hercules and Maciste, to Historical Epics and adventure films26
Spaghetti WesternsMore than just Leone, over a decade of Italian and Spanish made Westerns.66
Universal Horror FilmsFrom the classics, Frankenstein and Dracula, to the myriad of sequels.5
Viking MoviesNot just Kirk Douglas, Norseman movies from Iceland to Turkey.7


Name Films linked
Adolfo CeliBest known for Bond, but actually a very versitile Italian character actor.3
Bela LugosiThe iconic Dracula who made a series of horror films in the 1930s and 40s5
Boris KarloffThe Great British horror star, famous as Universal's Frankenstein.6
Christopher LeeBest known for his horror films, but with an impressively wide travelled career.27
Dennis WheatleyA British horror writer in the 1930s who inspired a trio of Hammer films.3
Don SharpA lesser known director responsible for some of Hammer's best films.7
Edgar Allan PoeThe great American horror writer who has inspired dozens of movies.12
Ennio MorriconeThe most famous movie composer who has worked in every genre and country.18
Fabio TestiGood looking Italian movie star who was very popular in the 1970s.3
Ferdinando BaldiAn Italian director responsible for some very enjoyable Spaghetti Westerns.7
Florian FrickeThe composer of some of the most haunting soundtracks ever written.6
Franco NeroThe big Italian Western star who went on to appear in various action films.6
Freddie FrancisA two time Oscar winning cinematographer who also directed for Hammer.6
Gianni GarkoItalian actor who made his name in the Spaghetti West as Sartana9
Harry Alan TowersBritish producer who worked on some of the best exploitation films of the 1960s11
Hazel CourtThe English actress who made a name with Hammer and three AIP horrors5
Horst FrankA German character actor best known for his Spaghetti Western villains.8
Ingrid PittThe beautiful Polish actress who came to fame as Hammer's Vampire Lover4
Jess FrancoThe enigmatic Spanish director, credited on over 200 films.15
John Drew BarrymoreTroubled US actor who appeared in several Pepla4
Klaus KinskiUnmistakable and notorious German actor who worked widely in 1960s and 70s20
Lamberto BavaSon of the legendary horror director, made a career in low budget shockers.16
Laura GemserIndonesia born actress who was the star of the Black Emanuelle series.9
Leon KlimovskyAn Argentinian born director behind several enjoyable Spanish films.4
Lucio FulciBest known for his gory horrors, he did some superb work in the Giallo genre.7
Marie LiljedahlBeautiful Swedish cherub who made several erotic films across Europe.4
Mario BavaThe great Italian horror director who also worked on adventure and sci-fi films.29
Paul Naschy
Spanish horror star, most famous for his Wolf Man films of the 1970s14
Peter CushingThe much loved gentleman of British horror, best known for his Hammer work.30
Reg ParkA three time Mr Universe who became a popular Peplum hero5
Riccardo FredaAn Italian director who made a couple of very effective horror films.8
Roger CormanMaverick American film-maker who worked with many up and coming names.10
Roy Ward BakerA talented British director who worked with both Hammer and Amicus.5
Sergio CorbucciItalian director who created some of the best Spaghetti Westerns.9
Stanley BakerThe Welsh actor who excelled in crime films but best remembered for Zulu7
Steve ReevesThe iconic Hercules and the musclebound star of the Peplum boom.10
Terence FisherHammer's director of choice who helmed many of their best horror films.15
Tomas MilianScrawny Cuban born actor who appeared in several Italian Westerns.9
Val GuestBritish director who worked for a while at Hammer before going independent.5
Vincent PriceThe iconic American horror star who also appeared in epics and film-noir.16
Werner HerzogProbably the best director of all time, all his work is breathtaking.14

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