The Peter Cushing Collection (1957 - 1974)

4 film, 4 disc collection of lesser known horror films from the mild mannered British star. DD-Video R2 UK boxset.


This boxset combines four DVDs from DD-Video's British Horror collection, all starring the mild-mannered British star Peter Cushing. The set includes two Hammer Films from the beginning and end of their horror cycle and two lesser known films - Tigon's The Blood Beast Terror (1968), a simply appalling that Cushing himself described as the worst film of his career, and the entertaining independent film Island of Terror (1966) directed by Terence Fisher. See the individual reviews below for more...:

The Films - links to individual DVD reviews.

In Brief:

Anyone famous in it? Alongside Peter Cushing, look out for Edward Judd, Robert Flemyng and Forrest Tucker.
Who is it for?
Fans of Cushing and Hammer Horror should enjoy this although they are not his best works.

The DVDs

Visuals All films are anamophic and in Original Aspect Ratios.
The picture quality is decent throughout. Island of Terror and The Blood Beast Terror are generally grainy and speckeled, but far superior to most VHS or public domain releases. Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell and The Abominable Snowman look much better.
Audio All discs have original English Dolby Digital mono tracks.
English track is generally strong.
Subtitles No subtitles included.
ExtrasAll of the discs include original trailers, photo galleries and detailed 24 page booklets. There are additional features on each disc, see the reviews for more details.
Packing/availability Cardboard box with four standard amaray cases inside.
All four films are available on identical single disc releases.
Region Region 0 - PAL
Other regions? Some films have releases in other countries. With the exception of Frankenstein... the DD-video discs presented here are the best available versions of these films. See the review of Frankenstein... for notes on the differences between this disc and the fully uncut German R2 DVD.
Cuts? All films are believed to be fully uncut (see the Island of Terror and Frankenstein... notes). Prints are English language.


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