The Hammer Horror Series

8 film, 2 disc collection of Hammer Horror Films from some respected classics to previously unknown thrillers. Universal R1 USA boxset.

The Films - links to individual film reviews where available.

In Brief:

Anyone famous in it? Alongside the Hammer regular Peter Cushing, look out for the ever versatile Herbert Lom, and two early lead performances from Oliver Reed, alongside many familiar Hammer faces.
Who is it for?
Hammer film fans should pick this set up immediately. If you are new to Hammer horror, films such as Horror of Dracula (1958) or Curse of Frankenstein (1957) are better starting places, and there are many better Hammer productions to explore first.

The DVDs

Visuals All films are in Original Aspect Ratios (from 1.66 to 2.35) and Anamorphically Enhanced. Mix of Colour and B&W.
The picture quality is good, some light grain throughout, and some minor print damage. Always Watchable.
Audio All discs have original English Dolby Digital mono - sounds good.
Brides of Dracula and Evil of Frankenstein also have Spanish mono dubs.
Subtitles English HOH, French and Spanish included for all films.
Extras The set includes no extras at all. Brief liner notes describe each film.
      Packing/Discs Cardboard sleeve, similar in style to Universal Horror series sets, with fold out inside. Single Amaray case dimensions.
      Note: The films are located on dual-sided DVD-18 discs, many viewers have experienced problems playing these in certain players.
      Region Region 1 - NTSC
      Other regions? A few other releases of these films. The set offers best looking prints yet released.
      Cuts? All films are believed to be fully uncut. English language prints.
      Note - several of these films were re-edited for US television broadcast, they are presented in their original theatrical versions here.


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